We Made It! (Here’s the Recipe.)

May 24, 2021

Our final week of school is here! To be perfectly honest, I am astounded we made it. An entire year of in-person school seemed an impossible dream when we opened our doors to your children in August. The obstacles were enormous. They took their toll on our faculty and staff. But we made it!

The recipe was simple.

We are mission driven. Fifty-one faculty and staff showed up every single day to fill your children’s days with meaning. They showed up even though we were scared for their lives. Why? Because they were fiercely driven to enact our values.

They know that if we all do our jobs right and raise our students to be curious, ethical and kind, the world will be a better place.

We believe in science. Using our expert medical advisors, the St. Louis County Department of Health, the CDC and countless educational webinars from our local and national networks, we learned how to best protect our students and faculty.


Our medical team helped us discern between opinion and data, and to understand how to keep this mysterious virus from interrupting learning for your children.

We had YOU! Our parents, our board and our community lifted our spirits with unprecedented support, with PTO gifts and coffee truck events, with personal notes, with partnership and gratitude.

Thank you for your patience with a day that was shorter, a program that was pared down, and a faculty and staff that was under tremendous stress. Thank you for caring about Jewish day school education and sticking with us even though you probably felt less connected than ever. Thank you for the hours you volunteered and for remembering us in your philanthropy.

Mix up these ingredients, and It all adds up to an extraordinary year, where 185 students enjoyed in person school, profound education, memorable moments and social interaction. Let’s close the year with joy, love and gratitude for the faculty and staff, for our students and for each other!

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Cheryl