We promise a meaningful childhood…and we mean it!

August 23, 2019

When you enrolled your children at Mirowitz, you heard us say things like “we believe that childhood days should be spent in meaningful learning.” Well, we meant it! And that promise reaches a climax the first month of Middle School.

I’m writing this blog on a bus, traveling home with with inspired Mirowitz Middle School students and their spectacular teachers. We have spent the week in Birmingham, Selma, Montgomery and Memphis, hearing first-hand stories of the Civil Rights Movement and walking the path of those who made our country more just by bringing attention to cruelty, oppressive prejudice and even racial terrorism that were once accepted parts of our country’s culture. We have heard first-hand stories from Bloody Sunday foot soldiers, from bus boycott activists and from participants in the children’s crusade. We visited synagogues in two cities to learn about local Jewish community involvement in the civil rights movement. Our students now know for certain that regular people can change the world, that anyone can be a hero.

The middle school social justice trips that we take each year are designed to give the students a profound look at world issues, to engage them in personal values clarification and connect them to one another across grade levels. We rotate the trips (next year we will focus on the environment, and the following year on hunger and poverty) so that your child can experience all three immersive, formative learning experiences by the time they graduate.

At an age when students typically focus inward and discover themselves, Mirowitz brings their focus outwards to help them discover how they will shine their lights and use their own voices to shape the world. That’s one way that we work to provide your children with a childhood filled with meaningful learning and the skills for a lifetime of thoughtful leadership.

Shabbat Shalom,