What Mirowitz Means…

August 21, 2013

1000232_465858673522267_672929062_nAt Mirowitz, we believe that every moment is valuable and must be well spent. After all, your children only have one chance to experience whatever age and grade they are. They deserve nothing but the most meaningful and enriching experience possible. So our teachers purposefully plan each minute of each day…minutes that collectively add up to a Mirowitz education. 

During our powerful and productive faculty orientation, we asked our faculty to complete the sentence “A MMirowitz Studentsirowitz education means . . .” Here are some of their answers:

A Mirowitz education means:

  • Children believe in themselves, prioritize righteousness and know they have the power to make a difference.
  • My students feel a personal connection to me (their teacher) and know that I care about them.
  • Instilling a love of learning and a Jewish lens through which to navigate the world.
  • Students are prepared for success in life.
  • We are all part of a loving community of teachers, children and families.Students are confident and ethical leaders, and that our future will be better because of them.
  • Children can change the world and can use their voices to make a difference.
  • Feeling connected to heritage, to Hebrew and to the Jewish people.
  • You are accepted, celebrated and loved!
  • Knowing how to be an ally, a friend and to show kavod to everyone.
  • A meaningful childhood and lifelong memories.

Mirowitz StudentsWe will provide your children with an outstanding education this year – but if that were all, it simply would not be enough. Our days will be well spent, and they will produce joyful learning memories that last a lifetime.