What will be YOUR Tekiah Gedolah?

September 16, 2015

The students of Mirowitz and I challenge you! During the ten Days of Awe, beginning on Rosh HaShanah and ending with the tekiah gedolah that brings Yom Kippur to a close, we want you to ponder this question:

What is the big impact that you want to make on the world during the coming year? What is your person tekiah gedolah?unnamed

Each Mirowitz student will be pondering that question too. Tekiah gedolah is the name of the great, long-lasting blast of the shofar that we sound at this season every year. We hope that each of our students will use their lives, their power and their influence to make a great, long-lasting impact on the world.

In this way, we at Mirowitz hope to set up our students for a life of leadership. They may be engineers and politicians, teachers and scientists, writers, artists and entrepreneurs. They may stay in St. Louis or move far away. Wherever their paths take them, we hope that having a personal mission and passion will guide them and make their days meaningful.

UnknownOn this anniversary of 9/11, we are reminded to humbly treasure each other and to work together toward a better world. May this be our year to do so.

Have a sweet New Year and a Shabbat Shalom!

L’Shanah Tovah,
Morah Cheryl