What’s Your Favorite Hebrew Word?

January 17, 2022

I proudly wore my favorite Hebrew word today – קהילה (Kehillah). It means community, and it’s one of our school’s core values. It’s also a fitting word during a week when Omicron is keeping some members of our kehillah home.

But I wasn’t the only one wearing a Hebrew word today. Your children wore their favorite words, too! It was part of our celebration of Eliezer Ben Yehuda’s birthday.

Every day, your children have 45 minutes of deep and joyful Hebrew learning. Their teachers work to strengthen their competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening, and also to connect them to the ancient words of Torah, to modern day Israel and to Am Yisrael, Jews around the world.

Knowing Hebrew helps them understand prayer and gives them the ability to pray with intention. It impacts their cultural competence and their personal Jewish identity. It activates their brain, increases their cognitive abilities, and gives them tools to pursue further language learning.

In 5th grade they will go to Machaneh Ivrit, an overnight Hebrew experience where they are challenged to speak only Hebrew for 36 hours and celebrate all they have learned!

If only we could invite Eliezer Ben Yehuda to join us so he could see that to his life’s work gave us such a profound gift.

So, what’s your passion, your dream for how to change history? This Shabbat, go around the table and share the Eliezer Ben Yehuda in each of you. Inspire your children to find the passion and dedication within them to make an impact. Helping them make a difference is our passion, every day at Mirowitz.

לבריאות (to your health),