Creating Memories

September 14, 2023

Each of us has an album in our memories from our youth. Growing up the daughter of a congregational rabbi, my own childhood memories are interwoven with those of congregants, life cycle events, holidays celebrations and—of course—Jewish food. 

The Torah reminds us to revisit our own stories, and the stories of those who came before us. The idea of Zachor (remember) is repeated again and again.

It is not enough simply to remember. Each year we reread the stories of Torah all over again, and are reminded to adopt the memories of the Israelites as our collective memories.

At Mirowitz, creating memories is essential to all we do. Our dedication to project-based, collaborative, experiential lessons ensures that meaningful learning is embedded in our students’ memories. We make memories on school overnights, when we play on a sports team, or even at times when we struggle with our learning.  When we record the details of those memories in photographs, video and writing, we are better able to understand them. Just ask our Middle Schooler students who journaled throughout their Civil Rights Study Tour, recording memories of what they learned and how they felt. “These journals are gold!” Moreh KP reminded them.

Remembering and revisiting our own stories and the stories of our tradition can guide our ways and help us discern right from wrong.

They remind us to stop, breathe, reflect and have gratitude. They become the narrative of our lives.

This new year, I hope that the importance of creating Zichronot (memories) inspires us to take more outings to parks or the zoo.

I pray that we put our devices away and embrace in more hugs with our growing (and grown) children. I encourage us all to focus more on the little moments — like apples dripping with honey and the smiles they bring. Zachor! Remember what is important.

I know that words and actions can cause harm. If I have wronged you, please accept my heartfelt apology.  I wish you a healthy and laughter-filled new year.

Shana Tova U’mituka,

Morah Raquel