Cultivating Reading

September 15, 2014

Cultivating a Love of Reading

Books take us to distant times and spaces, quench ourdesire to learn, relax us and energize us, and they fill our neshamot, our souls.At Mirowitz, cultivating a love of reading is among the most important things we do.unnamed-1

 How do we do it?

We surround your children with books.Our students visit the Jennifer L  Soshnik Library each week where Safranit Hilary connects them with delicious books. Each classroom also has a library of its own, equipped with age-appropriate books so that our students spend their days surrounded by authentic literature. unnamed

We set an example. In every grade, students hear their teachers read aloud. Doing so allows them to demonstrate their own love of reading as their students see them grow attached to the characters and enthusiastic about the plot. Read-alouds also teach comprehension skills and vocabulary that students can incorporate into their independent reading.

We Carve out Time to Read. Peek inside classroom windows, and you’ll likely see students curled up on a beanbag chair with a book or reading quietly with a friend. They might be sitting around a table with a literature circle studying a book with peers. (The 5th graders in this photo are discussingBlood on the River.) Mirowitz teachers ensure that their students read in a variety of genres; that they analyze themes and styles of authors; that they learn to read both for a purpose and for pleasure.

We offer opportunities for kids to see their grown-ups reading, too.  Right now, Mirowitz teachers are studying Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner and middle school faculty is also studying Odd Girl Out by Rachel Simmons.Mirowitz moms and dads have the opportunity to read together, too.  A book club discussion for grown-ups is scheduled for October 2 at 7:30. Our own Mirowitz mom, Elisa Heiligman-Recht, will facilitate a discussion on The Promise of a Pencil. We invite you to get your copy and join us.

The way Mirowitz students talk to one another about books has made a deep impression on Safranit Hilary. “They share insights and show one another such true respect. It’s amazing! We have so much to learn from our students.” 

This Shabbat, carve out time to curl up with your children, and enjoy a book together.

Shabbat Shalom,
Morah Cheryl Maayan