For the Kids’ Sake- Let’s Persevere

November 16, 2020

Implementing school in-person these last 12 weeks has been an enormous gift to our students. We have seen children, who had been traumatized from months of isolation, heal because they were able to interact with peers and teachers, and engage in hands-on learning. Our teachers have helped your children recover skills that were not solidified last spring. Though our commitment to provide the very best was evident in our remote learning last spring, there is simply no substitute for being together. We must do everything we can for the children so they can continue to learn in person.

It’s extraordinary that we have made it through week 12 and have not had to quarantine a class cohort, and yet coronavirus news in St. Louis County is extremely concerning. Hospitals are reaching capacity, death rates are increasing and new restrictions are being issued for our community. The colder weather has arrived, driving our families indoors.

Earlier this week we turned to our medical advisory team to ask them how we can navigate the change of weather, the upcoming holidays and maintain in-person school. (If you missed our Town Hall meeting, you can watch it here.

The theme of the conversation was clear: masking is critical. Spread is happening when small groups of people, typically friends and families, gather for meals. Practice excellent hand hygiene and physical distancing.

We also shared that the health department issued Mirowitz a limited number of rapid COVID-19 antigen tests to be used (with parental consent) if a student or staff member becomes symptomatic during the school day. Nurse Beca has been trained and is certified to administer them.

In Judaism we have one rule that supersedes all others – Pikuach Nefesh – saving a life. No doubt, we are all facing Covid fatigue, but as we approach the winter months, let’s challenge ourselves to persevere. If we, as the Mirowitz community, can set aside normalcy outside of school for a little longer, we can help our children have the in-person education they deserve. Please consider zoom gatherings instead of in-person. Bundle up and take a walk with friends, and save that indoor game night for another time.

Thank you for everything you have sacrificed this year. Your decisions make a quality, in-person Jewish day school experience possible.

Shabbat Shalom,