Our visual and performing arts programs provide an excellent foundation for creative expression.

  • Art classes enhance curricular areas through projects that incorporate multiple steps and require students to think like artists. Students learn not only how to make art, using a wide variety of materials and tools, but they also learn why art is relevant to their everyday lives, including the important ties to their spirituality and their culture as Jews. At the end of the year, students emerge with significant pieces of artwork that reflect the time and creativity invested. Projects include creative sculpture, fiber, paint, clay, pastels, recycled objects and a multitude of other media. Middle School students delve deeper into art history, with an emphasis on contemporary art, issues of the arts and the role of the artist in society. Middle School electives give students a choice to explore focused themes and materials, often drawing on their interests and hobbies.
  • Music and musical theory are taught twice weekly to grades K-5, and as an encore elective in Middle School. Band is a required component of the fourth- and fifth-grade curriculum, and meets twice weekly — once in instrument groups and once as an ensemble.
  • Drama helps students develop poise in front of an audience. We focus on theater skills, but also on enhancing self-confidence, teamwork, time management, public speaking and goal setting. Every student has a role in the lively Chanukah Production in December.