Social Studies


The social studies curriculum provides students with a framework for defining themselves, and interacting with their world.  Through the study of history, geography, economics, civics, cultures and current events, students develop a sense of identity, interdependence, empathy, heritage and social responsibility.

In alignment with state and Common Core standards, our curriculum includes a variety of units of study each year. The topics may be similar to those covered at other schools, but the way our students engage with each of them is uniquely Mirowitz. For example, a fourth-grade study of Missouri will include a study of bills passing through the state legislature, visits with elected officials to practice persuasive speaking, an overnight adventure to study Missouri geology and a re-enactment of the Dred Scott Trial in the courthouse where history was made.

Our students learn how to learn, and our teachers facilitate a natural process of discovery. They encourage students to  question, research and challenge assumptions, to examine biases, and to develop the tools to be active participants in history and not merely passive observers.

We nurture an emerging sense of self and community as students make sense of the world they will inherit. The Jewish lens is consistently interwoven, and students learn to interpret historical and current events from a Jewish perspective.