Marking special moments

May 25, 2020

What day of the week is today? I can hardly keep track. On Wednesday, I think it’s Thursday. On Thursday, I said “Shabbat Shalom.” During this unusual time, when one day runs into the next, it’s even more important that we come together to mark special moments in time. We need that…and so do our children!

Over the next week, your children will have many opportunities to mark special moments. They will wave goodbye (online and in person at our parade) to teachers who love them, and have a chance to meet the teachers who will love them just as much next year. Fifth graders will celebrate the completion of elementary school, and 8th graders will speak at their graduation ceremony about what it meant for them to grow up at Mirowitz. (If you want to see the product of a Mirowitz education, we urge you to join us at their Zoom graduation. We think you will be impressed by this class of capable, kind, ethical teenagers!)

(There are many changes in the schedule next week. Be sure to check the cloud webpage for links!)

Great musicians from every genre remind us that music is in the spaces between the notes, in the moment when the music stops and you respond to its absence with an awakened sense of awareness. As we close the school year, may these moments of marking time be the space between the notes. May they give us all an awakened appreciation that your children are a part of a community that is like a family, that they have experienced significant intellectual growth, and that they will forever possess precious memories made at Mirowitz (even Mirowitz in the Cloud) this year.

Shabbat Shalom,
Cheryl Maayan