One Way to Show Your Love for Mirowitz

November 23, 2020

We are a community of diverse perspectives, but here’s something we all agree upon: Mirowitz students deserve the very best! Providing the best, it turns out, is an expensive endeavor that is not covered by tuition alone…and we count on your generosity every year to make that possible.

The added expense required to teach your children in-person this year have (so far!) come with a price tag of $275,000. That means that we need to raise 22 percent more than we do during a non-pandemic year to cover the material and human resource expenditures of in-person learning this year.

If you make a gift every year, we hope you will consider increasing it by 22 percent! If you’ve never made a gift and are able to, please consider Mirowitz an investment in both the intellectual growth and the social-emotional well-being of future Jewish leaders.

#GivingTuesday is Dec. 1. On that day we will celebrate the reason Mirowitz students are smiling under their masks! Of course, it has everything to do with the generosity of our community that made this school year possible. We hope you will give generously, and share our posts on social media with your family and friends.

As Thanksgiving approaches, Jon and I are so grateful to Mirowitz for helping us raise our own boys to be the kind, ethical, intelligent adults they have become.

What are you grateful for? The meaningful moments your children spend with their friends every day? The phenomenal, loving teachers who are working harder than they ever imagined possible? The Judaic and Hebrew education that is connecting your children to their heritage? Whatever you feel grateful for, please join Jon and me in making an annual gift with joy and love.   Donate here.

Thank you for prioritizing Mirowitz in your philanthropy!

Shabbat Shalom,