Raising Children to Make Good Choices

September 14, 2020

During this Jewish month that leads up to the Days of Awe, we reflect on our own actions and behaviors, and recalibrate with intentions of being our best selves in the coming year. Lucky for us, Elul falls at the beginning of the school year, and we can use it to reinforce our intentions for your children.

Our goals are lofty at Mirowitz. We want your children to make good choices, but that’s just the start of it.

We also want your children to grow confident speaking out when they see unkindness. We want them to notice when something seems wrong, and to instinctively seek to affect change. We want them to see the world through a Jewish lens, and when faced with a choice, to confidently turn to Jewish tradition as a guide toward goodness.

Your children, with their teachers, have established rules based on our school’s core values for their classroom communities.

That community extends online for our older students, and Morah Andrea and their classroom teachers will help them understand the impact of their choices in the digital world. Should they ever, along the way, find that the right thing to do seems ambiguous, we are here to guide them and to remind them to use the foundation of moral structure that our tradition provides.

The ways in which children spend their childhood days will lead them to become teens and adults who make good choices. We know this for certain, and are so proud of our alumni for the way they conduct their lives.

And so we love Elul…for the opportunities it offers. May the “wake up call” of the shofar remind us to stay true to our intention for your children. Y’hiyu l’ratzon.

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Cheryl