What Does Diversity Look Like?

January 31, 2022

Have you seen the mosaic hanging above the sofa in our lobby? It includes drawings of trees, insects, rainbows and streams, and it represents diverse interpretations of the blessing Mah Rabu Ma’asecha Adonai! (Oh how wondrous are your works, Adonai.) The words come from Yotzer Or, a blessing we recite each morning in praise of God’s creation.

Like that mosaic, Mirowitz brings together a diversity of students and families with unique perspectives, backgrounds, identities and experiences. What does diversity look like at Mirowitz?

Nearly 1/3 of Mirowitz students are either immigrants or children of immigrants from countries like Russia, South Africa, India, Iran, Uruguay, Philippines, China, Ethiopia and Israel!

19% of our population identifies as people of color.

We represent all denominations of Judaism, and are members of 12 congregations. We are Jews by choice and Jews by birth. We are Ashkenazi and Sephardi and Mizrachi. We are Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and “just Jewish.” And we have families who are Jewish-adjacent — not Jewish but are connected to the Jewish community.

We are LGBTQ, straight and cisgender. We sometimes fit into categories and sometimes do not.

We are nuanced and interwoven and interesting. We are a mosaic of diversity.

The Mirowitz faculty is working to advance our celebration of diversity, and make sure that every Mirowitz student feels honored for their identity. Under the leadership of Morah Shannon and Reb Scott, we are exploring Diversity Equity and Inclusion — institutionally and educationally.

We are aligning our curriculum with the social justice standards from Learning for Justice, incorporating marginalized voices and empowering students to understand a variety of perspectives.

We are proud to be a place where a mosaic of children can come together to become capable and confident Jewish leaders who have a sincere respect and curiosity of others that does not diminish their own identity. Mah Rabu Ma’asecha Adonai! Oh how wondrous are the 173 students who bring their unique selves to Mirowitz every day and, in understanding themselves, add to the diversity of our world.

שבת שלום,