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I see myself as the guardian of each student’s childhood, and am committed to filling their days with learning that is significant and meaningful. How do we do that at Mirowitz? Check back here weekly for a window into our school. I will post here on topics ranging academic excellence, meaningful Jewish learning and empowering children to make a difference.

– Cheryl Maayan

We Can See the Promised Land

March 15, 2021

Where were you last year on March 15? On that day, my boys were home from college — a spring break visit we did not realize would last for months. We went underground, literally, that Sunday, and descended deep into the earth for a boat...
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Diversity? Yes, we have that!

February 22, 2021

I get asked questions about our diversity all the time, and the answer is consistently a pleasant surprise. We are a pluralistic community in more ways than one. Every Mirowitz family brings a unique story, perspective and experience to our school family. Nearly a third...
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Excuse me while I give the teachers a shout out

February 1, 2021

“Everything this year is harder.” A talented Mirowitz teacher said that to me recently. Let me back up and tell you a bit about our teachers. The educators who join the Mirowitz team share certain qualities. They love children. They love collaborating with smart, passionate...
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What Sets Us Apart

January 19, 2021

Of all the great elementary and middle schools in St. Louis, you have chosen Mirowitz! Some of you always knew you’d send your children to Jewish day school. For some, this experience is beyond anything you ever imagined. As our teachers will spend this day...
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The Light You Shine

December 14, 2020

“We come to drive away the darkness. Each of us is a small light, and together we shine brightly.” So goes one of my favorite Hanukkah melodies that we sing this week. The song refers to the darkness of Greek rule in the time of...
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In THIS we believe

December 8, 2020

Did you ever anticipate that you would know so much about public health? These times of anxiety open our world to new understandings, and also help us define our values. The same is true for organizations. I often joke that we are educators who have...
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One Way to Show Your Love for Mirowitz

November 23, 2020

We are a community of diverse perspectives, but here’s something we all agree upon: Mirowitz students deserve the very best! Providing the best, it turns out, is an expensive endeavor that is not covered by tuition alone…and we count on your generosity every year to make that...
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Civility, Dialogue & Courageous Conversations

November 2, 2020

Election season presents a challenge and an opportunity for us at Mirowitz. We want to present ourselves as a model of how an election season COULD look, how it SHOULD look, how it WOULD look if Mirowitz alumni were in charge. As a pluralistic school,...
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Tamhui and the meaning of Chanukah!

December 16, 2019

Baby Tom and Baby Huey showed up at Mirowitz last Friday. It was a terrible miscommunication. The costumed Coach Gary and Morah Shannon thought we were introducing Tom and Huey, but we really meant to introduce Tamhui, our school’s Chanukah tzedakah collection. Good sports that they are,...
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Thriving Through Adolescence

November 25, 2019

Ready or not, your child will one day enter adolescence! As you may remember from your own youth, middle school years are especially delicate ones. Adolescents undergo rapid physical, cognitive and social transformation. They begin to think abstractly, cement attitudes about learning, and look to their...
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