Through their studies, Mirowitz students understand and value that the Land of Israel shapes the historical, theological and sociological experiences of the Jewish people.

Mirowitz in IsraelIsrael engagement requires education, interaction with Israelis and a constant reminder that the story of Israel is our story as a Jewish people. At Mirowitz, we nourish the students’ love for Israel and look forward to the day they experience Israel as an 8th grade community.  Check out their blog here.

A recent study shows an alarming distancing from Israel by American Jews.

That distancing is most pronounced among younger Jews — the same population that is experiencing a commensurate drop in feelings of collective Jewish identity and Jewish peoplehood.Mirowitz 8th Graders in Israel

Not so at Mirowitz! Our students know that Israel is their home, and a home for all Jews. They know that it is both the ancient land of the Bible and a modern land where scientists are making breakthroughs in technology, medicine and science. Our students know that Israel is filled with kids like them, who read Harry Potter in Hebrew, who love popsicles on a summer day and who live by the Jewish calendar.


They know that it’s the home of their “big sisters” — two young Israeli women who spend Fridays at school teaching about Israel through Sherut Leumi (national service to Israel).

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