Our commitment to pluralism guides our practice, thought processes and celebrations. Morning t’fillot (services) connect the children to the stories, songs and values of our people, and serve as a springboard into the day.

Beginning the first week of kindergarten, students learn how to use prayer to reflect on their choices and behaviors. They grow competent and confident in their ability to recite each prayer, and understand that prayer is most meaningful when it includes both keva (fixed words) and the kavanah (intention). Each year, students re-examine their understanding of each prayer, which grows deeper in meaning as they mature.

By third grade, students are ready to lead the school community in the morning service. Each week, a different class (grades 3-5) has an opportunity to inspire the lower school with their insights about what it means to be partners with God in the repair of the world. In  Middle School, students take on additional leadership roles and develop a deeper understanding and connection to our liturgy.

Visitors to Mirowitz are consistently moved by the sophistication of our students, their spiritual maturity and their ability to pray with intention. Friday afternoons, the school celebrates Kabbalat Shabbat. Often, a surprise guest — a rabbi, educator, often even a Jewish rock musician — helps us prepare for Shabbat with story and song. Parents, alumni and friends are encouraged to attend.

Our goal is for students to see t’fillot as an enriching part of the day which can lead to self-reflection and has the potential to inspire them to “live justly, love mercy and walk humbly before God.”