Jewish Studies


The Judaic studies curriculum revolves around the rich intellectual, cultural and historical legacies of our Jewish heritage. Students engage in experiential learning about Jewish life with emphasis on Torah, Rabbinic texts, Israel, mitzvot, t’fillah (prayer), holidays, Jewish observance, Hebrew language and history. Study encompasses Tanach (Torah, Prophets, Writings), Avodah (liturgy) and G’milut Chasadim (acts of kindness). Mirowitz students develop a love of Torah study for its own sake. They participate in respectful discussions, and understand that that there are many ways to make meaning of Torah lessons and stories. Ultimately, Tanach and Rabbinic text becomes a guide for just and ethical living, and help students develop a strong moral compass.

In middle school, text study engages students in the application of Jewish tradition to contemporary ethical, political and social issues, as well as the particular concerns of teenagers.

Our students grow to understand their role as a link in an ongoing chain of Jewish living. Graduates emerge with a profound knowledge of Judaism, a level of Jewish self-assurance, and a profound commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.

Pesach – Mah Nishtana