Becoming Our Best Selves

September 20, 2021

It’s not by accident that Mirowitz students celebrate the unique qualities of their classmates. They celebrate the classmate who is wildly knowledgeable about dinosaurs or history, or who has a knack for art or math. They recognize that one peer has a great sense of humor, and another asks insightful questions. Appreciating the ways each classmate adds something beautiful to their community becomes instinctive and a gift that will serve them well, long after they graduate from Mirowitz.

Just as much, they also appreciate when their friends are working to become their best selves. They know from our emphasis on engineering design that mistakes are okay.  Mistakes help us know where to invest energy so that we can be stronger.

Perhaps more significant for Mirowitz students are the moments of tikkun (repair) that are organically built into their year. During this week of Yom Kippur, your children have been engaging in deep thought. They each participated in tashlich (a ritual casting away of behaviors they want to improve) and prepared for the meaningful work of growth in the year to come. We each participated in חשבון הנפש ( Cheshbon ha-Nefesh, an accounting of our souls), noticing our cracks so that we can do better and be better.

May the accounting that we each take on our souls this week lead to tikkun, help us heal and be whole, and make us recognize the beauty that we each bring to the world.

Shabbat Shalom and g’mar Hatimah Tovah,

Morah Cheryl