What Sprouts in Four Weeks?

September 9, 2019

When you plant a seed and nurture it, you just might see something grow in four or five weeks.

Mirowitz students are about to witness the magic of that! This week, they planted spinach, carrot, radish, beet, lettuce and zucchini seeds. They will tend to them this month, and this Autumn, they will harvest something delicious!

But something else will grow along with those vegetables. Their efforts will yield lessons about parts of a plant, about photosynthesis and about what plants grow well in the fall. They experience the importance of persistent attention to their plants, of tending and harvesting. They will understand better how the food you serve them comes to be. They will know what it feels like to get their hands dirty, literally and figuratively.

Our organic garden is one of nine outdoor learning labs where students immerse themselves in nature as their classroom. The vegetable garden, the prairie, the pond, the chickens, the compost bin…they all take the students outside to DO the learning, not just to take a break from it.

Radishes aren’t the only thing that grows in four weeks, however. We just finished our fourth week of school at Mirowitz, and our teachers are witnessing the many ways your children already blossoming. Like sprouting seeds, your children are growing as readers and writers, as mathematicians and scientists, as Torah scholars and Hebrew speakers…for you are nurturing them with all the right ingredients for a meaningful childhood. Thanks for choosing us as your partners, to tend to them daily and cultivate them to their highest potential.

Shabbat Shalom,