Changing the End of the Story

March 1, 2021

When the Jews in Shushan were in peril, they adapted. They cleverly found a way to change the ending of the story. Yes! They were survivors, and in the end, the silver lining of their troubles was the moments of joy that Purim celebrations bring us each year.

During this pandemic, we have flexed a similar muscle. We have adapted. We have changed the ending. We have celebrated many moments of joy! Today was a perfect example.

At Mirowitz, Purim has always been a leadership opportunity for our Va’ad Chesed (student council) and the entire Middle School. They spend months planning a theme, a shpiel and a carnival. And this year, that required joining the rest of the world in pushing aside disappointment, adapting to health protocols and reimagining what is possible.

And…they changed the ending! They developed a Pandemic Purim celebration that was truly spectacular for our entire school community.

The live purim spiel was pre-filmed, viewed by each class on the smartboard at the same time. The carnival became a “Carnival in a Box” with games and activities for each class to enjoy in their classrooms. The Parade was lively and silly…and on Zoom. If you missed it, you can see it here.

Like Queen Esther, they focused not on their limitations, but on their creativity. They used intellect and imagination to fill this pandemic Purim with joy.

And they know that Purim is not only about celebration. An essential mitzvah of Purim is giving tzedakah. Two separate student-led initiatives are making it easy for each of us to perform this mitzvah of Matanot L’avyonim: collecting feminine hygiene products for Gateway 180, and collecting food for Sahi. Our students never fail to surprise us with their open hearts and their creative adaptations.

שבת שלום,