Day 2- Pictures

April 27, 2022

Sam: City of David / Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Hello Mirowitz families back in St. Louis. Today, in the City of David, we walked through underground tunnels which had water up to our waist. It was really cool to walk in the around in the place where King David snuck in to capture Jerusalem. We all had a great time climbing through the tunnels, even though they did get pretty narrow at some parts. 

From Reb Scott:  We had so much fun in the tunnels learning about history AND hearing the students from all of the schools join together singing Disney songs together, as well as some of their favorite Hebrew songs like Adamah V’shamayyim”

Noah: Emek Tsurim Sifting Project

We were archiologists in Jerusalem today, sifting through rubble from the stairway that led up to the Temple. We were looking for artifacts, and were excited when we found pottery, coins and jewelry.

Jacob: Giv’at HaTachmoshet (Ammunition Hill)

On Ammunition Hill, the Israelis fought for survival and control of Jerusalem in 1967. As the Israeli army began to overcome an overwhelming number of Jordanians, more and more control of the Land of Israel seemed to fall into the hands of the Israelis. IDF stands for Israeli Defense Force, and they succeeded in defending the land, but with a staggering 36 casualties and losses on that site.

Check out photos here from Kol HaOt, City of David, Hezekiah’s Tunnel and Ammunition Hill.