Day 5- Shabbat

May 1, 2022

Sydney:  Friday night, we went to the Kotel for Shabbat. After we were dropped off, we went to our respective sides. I went up to the Wall and stayed there for a second. I didn’t really know what to do, but just being there felt amazing. I could hear a bunch of people in a big circle singing songs. I backed away from the Wall and was consumed by the rapidly growing circle full of girls and soldiers singing songs. Other circles were forming near our meeting spot, and I felt like I needed to join them. We then all walked 45 minutes to the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center and had a wonderful Shabbat dinner, filled with lots of laughter.

On Ben Yehuda Street, we went shopping! We all got vouchers to different restaurants, and bought things that will remind us of this trip. I got matching rings with one of my new best friends and and IDF sweatshirt to go with my IDF hat. We saw a bunch of other school groups there too.