Our Leadership Succession Plan

August 19, 2019

This week, your children beautifully transitioned from the looseness of summer to the structure of school. They wrote the first sentences of personal narratives and listened to the first pages of a new read-aloud. They began their study of math, literacy and science, expanded their Hebrew vocabulary and logged onto their Google accounts. Middle Schoolers began preparing for their Civil Rights trip next week, exploring the power of every person’s voice in shaping American history.

They also wasted no time considering what it means to be a leader. Ben and Eliana led an insightful elementary school Torah discussion this week, and asked their fellow students: “Why do you think it might be important for leaders like Moshe to help new people to become leaders?” As usual, our students had deep and profound answers about sharing responsibility and empowering others.

Had they asked that same question to Mirowitz faculty members, the answer would have sounded something like this: “Our curriculum and school culture are our succession plan! If we do our jobs right, Mirowitz students will succeed us as leaders and ensure that our Jewish future is strong.”

We thank you for choosing us to be your partners in raising children to be the kind of leaders who are grounded in Jewish values, compassionate to others and are driven to find solutions to problems large Mirowitz Leadershipand small. We promise to teach them to lead others with both empathy and critical thinking, to engage in dialogue across differences, and to speak out against unkindness and injustice. Everything we do at Mirowitz has been carefully designed to guide your children to become a generation of leaders who will make the world better than we can even imagine.

Shabbat Shalom,