The Exodus From Every Angle

April 29, 2022

Every year at this time, we tell the very same story. And every year it offers new meaning to us as we evolve in our own curiosity, perspective and education. 

I walked into a Middle school Judaics class today and was blown away by the integration of text study, artistry and intellect. The students have been studying Gamliel’s text from the Hagadah imploring us to explore the meaning of Pesach, matza and maror to tell our story.

They expressed their ideas creatively in an Agamograph, inserting their own experiences into the story of Passover freedom, along with their perceptions of the pascal lamb, matzah or maror into the story. Like the story we retell each year, these works of art demonstrate how we can see the same story from different angles.

At Mirowitz, we know that Jewish learning doesn’t just give us answers, but ignites curiosity and lasting memories. This is why we invest in adventures like our trip to Egypt.

Okay, so it is an imaginary trip to Egypt. This morning, our kindergartners woke up at the crack of dawn, dressed up as Israelites, and dramatized the story of the Exodus. Morah Sagit led them through the Sea of Reeds, and Reb Scott and their parents waited for them on the other side.

The young Israelites baked matzah over a campfire and rejoiced in their freedom.

Mirowitz students have been studying Passover from every angle – even growing maror in our garden. Fourth graders listened to archived recordings of liberation stories from American slavery and compared them to our Exodus liberation story. Our youngest students learned the four questions, and generated their own questions.

As I write this, I hear the sound of children practicing the four questions, and I know your seders will be filled with meaning and joy.

May the stories you hear and tell this week ignite your curiosity and grow your appreciation for the holiday of our liberation.

Chag Kasher V’Sameach and Shabbat Shalom,