Understanding Israel

September 23, 2019

Navigating the complexities of Israel is enough to make an adult’s head spin. What a gift that our students have our Mirowitz faculty as tour guides.

If you peeked into middle school early this week, you would have seen students presenting about the domestic and foreign policies of political parties, and engaged in animated discussion about which parties are likely coalition partners. They were informed voters Tuesday when they cast their mock-ballots, as Israelis cast their real ones.

They later discussed the real election results and are eagerly following the news from Israel. “I think Likud and Kahol V’Lavan are likely to come together,” said Micah, 7th grade. His classmate Audrey added, “I agree that may happen, but only if Netanyahu steps down.”

Politics aren’t the only topics we learn about Israel in middle school. Students are now enjoying study of Mitz’ad Hashirim, a song competition happening right now in Israel. Students
will choose a song, research its artist, explore its meaning, and present their findings to their peers.

In fourth grade social studies, Israel is also on the map. Literally! The class is studying maps of Missouri and Israel, comparing bodies of water, neighboring countries and distances of major cities.
A connection with Israel is an integral part who we are at Mirowitz. We want our students to understand Israel’s complexities, to grapple with nuances of current affairs, and to know that their
connection to Israel is not contingent on politics. We want them to be leaders who can confidently stand up for Israel, and add their knowledge and voices to the greater conversation about Israel in America.


Shabbat Shalom,