Using Our Power For Good!

September 9, 2021

Rosh HaShanah is just a few days away, and we — as a Jewish people — are preparing for a year of sweetness. Here at Mirowitz, teachers are helping your children understand that this time of year is an opportunity to pause, pray, to reflect on our behaviors…and to set our intention. We remind our students that each of us has power to build, to spread kindness, and to add holiness to our school community.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that we’ve had an extraordinary opportunity to use that power this week. The winds of Hurricane Ida blew to St. Louis a sweet family whose two girls attend Jewish day school in New Orleans.

Our K and 3rd-grade students enthusiastically welcomed Paige and Tessa, excited that the girls will be a part of our school community for a few weeks while they stay with St. Louis grandparents.

As I write this, Middle school students are at a farm that practices sustainable agriculture, laying the groudwork for their leadership in planting our Mirowitz organic gardens. Among other things, they learned about inequities in access to healthy food due to socio-economic disparity.

Our second graders recorded a prayer for families at the New Orleans Jewish School that was shared at the school’s virtual Kabbalat Shabbat this afternoon. And signs have appeared throughout the school (thank you Laila and Josh) with tips on how to care for the earth.

And that’s just today!
Research shows that Jewish day school grads express an extraordinary sense of responsibility toward influencing social values, helping those in need and affecting social change. In fact, 100% of Mirowitz alumni parents surveyed say that Mirowitz prepared their child to be an advocate for others.  It makes sense! They are being raised in an environment that celebrates their ethical behavior and supports their efforts to do good.

During this holiday, have a discussion with your children about how they are going to live out their values this year. As a community, let’s continue to elevate the holiness that makes our  Mirowitz family a true Kehillah Kedoshah.

Shabbat Shalom and Shanah Tovah U’Metukah,

Morah Cheryl

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