We are ALL Learners

August 31, 2020

A few years back I learned how to throw clay on a wheel. This summer, I learned to make yogurt. And last week, I learned how to use a touchless thermometer.

Learning a new skill requires slowing down, using mental energy to focus on each step, and reviewing steps again and again until they become natural. Achieving automaticity requires patience, persistence and flexibility.

Our faculty teaches your children new skills every day. If you viewed the videos Mirowitz teachers made about the very new skills of masking, handwashing, and preparing to eat lunch safely, you probably noticed how paced and methodical it has been to start afresh. In Jewish tradition, we have a blessing for just about every action. Those blessings serve the purpose of slowing us down, helping us focus on the moment and reminding us to express gratitude.

At Mirowitz, we are enthusiastically committed to providing your children with a meaningful childhood. Good enough is not good enough! We consistently review our processes so we can deliver the academic excellence and Jewish learning we promise. We invited Dr. David Rosen in to evaluate the efficacy of our safety mitigation efforts. We surveyed remote parents and are making adjustments based on feedback from parents and teachers. We are showing perseverance, using mental energy, and going through steps again and again until they become automatic. We appreciate your patience with our teachers and our leadership team as we slow down, make revisions and practice.