What Sets Us Apart

January 19, 2021

Of all the great elementary and middle schools in St. Louis, you have chosen Mirowitz! Some of you always knew you’d send your children to Jewish day school. For some, this experience is beyond anything you ever imagined.

As our teachers will spend this day thinking about your children and their growth during this school year, we hope you are reminded of these things that set Mirowitz apart.

• Let’s start with our teachers! They are experts in their fields, and present at local and national conferences. Most importantly, they are committed to providing excellence for your children. That drive motivated them to spend every day of this pandemic year in person with your children so they could respond better to your child’s strengths, interests and uniqueness.

• A Mirowitz education incorporates neurological research. That’s one reason why the students outperform their public and independent school peers on standardized tests. See our test scores here.

• The world is our classroom! We learn through experience… restoring the prairie, testing water quality and lobbying our elected officials.

• We go on trips to revisit history, to connect with nature, to practice Hebrew and to contemplate our Jewish responsibility to the world.

 Our curriculum is world-class and innovative! Starting in the earliest grades, students participate in coding, engineering design, book publishing and maintaining biomes in our 9 outdoor learning labs.

 Kindness is an expectation. Morning T’fillah allows students to think about how they will be their best selves.

• Youth is the best time to learn a foreign language. Mirowitz students study ivrit b’ivrit daily, and our Oral Language Proficiency Model has elevated the way students acquire Hebrew language skills.

• We have our own chef and healthy meals. Each Bistro Kids meal is a work of art, carefully crafted using primarily locally grown or organic foods…some from our own garden.

• Our grads excel in high school, on college entrance exams and are accepted into prestigious schools. They are National Merit Scholars and receive on average $50K in college scholarship. See where they go to high school and college here.

• Mirowitz Middle School students are spared from the stereotypical tween misery. It’s cool at Mirowitz to be smart, deep and to care about others.

• Mirowitz students start to read Torah in 3rd grade. By the time they become a bar/bat mitzvah, they’ve read Torah many times, and consider it among the most profound and formative experiences of their childhood.

• Our Judaics curriculum incorporates best academic practices and the arts, and was written over multiple years with guidance from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

• We prioritize social responsibility. We are purposeful about helping our students develop a moral compass, and research shows that Jewish day school graduates express an extraordinary sense of responsibility toward helping those in need and affecting social change.

We are raising children to be smart AND good, to be curious AND kind, to be capable AND ethical. I could go on and on and on! Mirowitz is a school full of positivity, learning and love…and I’m so lucky that I still get to go to school everyday!

שבת שלום,